I will be reading with Marc Anthony Richardson on October 1, 2016, at Robbie Waters Library in Sacramento. Check out the link for more information. Clink on the link for more information. 

I will be reading with Marc Anthony Richardson as part of the Utah Humanities Council Reading Series. October 3, 2016.

October 11, 2o16, I will be reading from my newest novel, Here Lies Memory and discussing issues of race, gentrification, love and loss at the CSUS Library Gallery. Click the link for more information.

November 4: Doug Rice reading with Jordan Okumura and Harold Abramowitz at Diesel Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue, Oakland. 7:00 pm.

November 21: Doug Rice reading with Jordan Okumura, author of Gaijin. Sacramento Poetry Center, 1719 25th Street, Sacramento.

February 9: Intimate Disappearances: Doug Rice on the Street. 

As part of ArtStreet Sacramento, I will be reading passages from my work on photography and showing a few new street photographs. To take a photograph of a person walking down a street is to participate in another person’s moment; such “stolen” photographs unveil desire. Candid street photographs make visible the erasure of time and space. These photographs simultaneously exist inside and outside of time. 
I will give a hybrid talk/poetic reading that blends and blurs philosophical and aesthetic theory with poetry, memoir and fiction to explore the nature of street photography and gentrification. My talk will examine those moments between appear and disappear captured by a camera. Stolen moments of daily existence that give way to storytelling.
Any photograph captures and complicates the erotics of the gaze (of the photographer, of the camera, of the person captured by the photograph, and of the person looking at the photograph). Photographs are moments trapped inside mourning, trapped by a desire that has disappeared, one that suffers from being neither here nor there. In every photograph there is a sensation of the just missed or the not-yet appeared. A waiting that is suffocated by time. Why does eroticism remain such a secret when it is so visible?