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Between Appear and Disappear: New and Revised Edition with Afterword. 2nd Edition. The Accomplices: A Civil Coping Mechanisms Book, October 2019.

When Love Was. Three Rivers and a Point Publications, 2018.

Plegaria de la Piel. Spanish Translation of Skin Prayer by Alejandro Espinoza Galindo. Mexico: Crunch Editions, 2018.

Here Lies Memory. Black Scat Books, 2016.

An Erotics of Seeing. Black Scat Books, 2015.

Faraway, So Close. Catalogue for the Fusion International Photography Gallery Show. 2013.

Das Heilige Buch der Stille. Solitude Press, 2013.

Between Appear and Disappear. Jaded Ibis Publications, 2013.

Dream Memoirs of a Fabulist. Copilot Press, 2011.

Skin Prayer: fragments of abject memory. Eraserhead Press, 2002.

A Good Cuntboy is Hard to Find. CPAOD Press, 1998.

Blood of Mugwump. FC2, 1996.

Selected Short Stories/Hybrid Works available online

“The Forgetting of Water." Sensitive Skin Magazine.

"Before You Have Forgotten."  Entropy Magazine.

"Here Lies Memory: an excerpt." Akademie Schloss Solitude Blog.

"A Broken Fairy Tale of Lost Souls." The Collagist.

"The Right Density of Abandonment." Entropy Magazine.

Selected Interviews.

Photographs are Forever in Mourning. 580 Split.

To Rupture the Narrative for One BreathThe Collagist.

An InterviewWord Riot.

Selected Reviews.

Rev. of An Erotics of Seeing

Rev. of Dream Memoirs of a Fabulist. by Janice Lee.

Rev. of Dream Memoirs of a Fabulist. by j/j hastain.


"A Memoir of a Delusional Sentence." Raymond Federman: A Festschrift.

"Delirious, Always Becoming." Biting the Error.


Paula Kohlmann reading from Das Heilige Buch der Stille.